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Sina Bari

Sina Bari’s personal journey to this role was somewhat circuitous. Computer science was one of Sina Bari’s earliest passions. Sina first learned to program when he was eight years old sitting next to his mother translating her programming textbooks. Sina Bari then worked in parallel computing and networking through an award by the National Science Foundation while in high school and paid his way through undergraduate and medical school working in IT. As a plastic surgery resident, he connected again with technology through the bio innovation program at Stanford working in device development.

Sina Bari returned to the world of tech years later as a solutions architect at iMerit. Here, he learned the ins-and-outs of creating large-scale, industrialized data annotation pipelines for a variety of industries including autonomous vehicles, agriculture, and finance. Over time, Sina Bari married these processes to his background in medicine to create best practices that would help healthcare overcome the bottleneck in the availability of high-quality training data.”

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